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Wheel Repair & Related Services:

  • Wheel Repair
  • After-market Specialist
  • Bends, Curb Rash Fixed
  • OEM Factory Color Matching
  • Matte & Gloss Black Painted Wheels
  • European Hyper Silver
  • 2 & 3 Piece Wheels
  • Custom Painting & Polishing
  • We DO NOT ‘manufacture’ or ‘sell’ wheels
  • We DO repair and enhance all kinds of wheels

Just bought a new set of wheels and had a little mishap on the road? Not a problem! Bring them in to us and we’ll fix them up like NEW! At Wheel Techniques, we can repair, refurbish, do custom polishing and painting on any set of wheels you’ve got. The expense of buying new wheels can not only be more expensive than repair. The other reason you might need to choose rim repair is if you have a rare set of wheels that are hard to find. In this case repair may not just be less expensive, but might be your only option if you wan to keep the same wheels. We understand this at Wheel Techniques and that is why we have so many happy customers. We repair any wheel in any condition. We like to say… “If we can’t fix it, maybe it CAN’T be fixed!”

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Check out a recent example of a wheel repair we performed in our shop:

A bent wheel needing repair
Bent wheel needs repair
During repair making progress
During repair making progress
During repair making further progress
During repair making further progress
Final inspection of repaired wheel
Final inspection of repaired wheel

Feel free to bring your wheel(s) by during normal business hours, or send us an email or use the form on the left. We encourage you to send us a couple photos so we can get an idea of the damage.



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Contact us at (408) 496-6363 and ask for John or Jeff!

We are confident our work will impress even the most particular customers… What are you waiting for? Summer is right around the corner! Why not show off a fresh set of wheels customized to turn heads! WOW!